Kubernetes(K8s) : The next big thing in IT Industry.

What is Kubernetes ?

Why there is a need of a container orchestration tool ?

What features do orchestration tools like Kubernetes offer ?

Kubernetes meets the Real world :-

Why these Big Companies adopted Kubernetes?

Lets deep dive into case studies of some big companies…

1.) NOKIA — Connecting People

Nokia: Enabling 5G and DevOps at a Telecom Company with Kubernetes. Kubernetes has enabled Nokia’s vision into 5G.

2.) Box — The Cloud Content Management Platform

Box: Kubernetes has been remarkably flexible with fitting into many of the constraints that box was facing , and we have been running it very successfully on the bare metal infrastructure.


Pinterest: We are in the position to run things at scale, in a public cloud environment, and test things out in way that a lot of people might not be able to do. We’re in a great position to contribute back some of those learnings.